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Reiki and Massage Therapy by Nataliya Peck

This is the monthly plan agreement form that you will fill out at our office if you decide to participate in this program. Please read through to learn about all the terms and conditions. To save time, you may print and fill out the form and bring it to your next appointment.
Pre-paid Package Deals, Monthly Plans and Gift Certificates
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       If your are planning to come on a regular basis, or need a series of treatments to address a condition, or need several Gift Certificates, there are two ways to save on BodyWorks and EnergyWork.

1. Monthly payment plans*
       My Monthly Plan is like having a massage insurance, but skipping the middle-man. You get to come in for regular bodywork services and save.
  • Choose your service(type of treatment and length), frequency (between 1 and 4 a month) and payment due date (1st or 15th of a month). 
  • We charge your credit card on the date specified in your agreement for the benefits you chose. 
  • Redeem your plan's visits any time of the billing month. Unused visits will roll over to the next month.
  • If you would like an additional visit after your monthly benefit was used up or longer service, you will receive 20% off as well. 
  • Plans can be shared with family members, as long as you added them into your agreement. Your beneficiaries may use your visits or receive 20% discount.
  • At the end of the agreement's year any unused visits will be converted into store credit (minus discounts) which can be used to pay for any services or gift certificates we offer. Money you pay us will not disappear just because your monthly plan ended.

2. Pre-paid Packages* or Series*
​       Packages/Series are combinations of any pre-paid 4 services or Gift Certificates. I offer 20% off on total amount when purchasing a package. Packages/Series may be purchased online (use a "book now" button on your right) or in the office at the time of your appointment. Please, contact me for a quote. Package/Series deals can be shared, as long as package holder notifies Unique Bodyworks LLC who is authorized to use the package. Package can be combined to include Gift Certificates. Perfect for families, group of friends, companies, large parties, or frequent recipient.Great as a gift for any occasion!
        Pre-paid packages do not have an expiration date, as long as business is active. Gift Certificates expire 2 years from the date of purchase. Purchase of a package or a gift certificate does not guarantee availability, as our schedule gets busy. I recommend to book in advance and if you are interested in an on-going care, please, ask about recurring appointments.
    *In-office services only. Package and monthly plan discounts do not apply to out-calls.

3. Gift Certificates
    To purchase Gift Certificates please use icon on the right or contact me.

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