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​   In Unique Bodyworks, you will not find cookie-cutter services; instead, we create a unique treatment for each client each time. We are trained in many different bodywork and energy work styles and your customized session will include a combination of different techniques that your practitioner will select, based on your wellness goals, health history and preferences.
  Each one of us is a gifted and passionate healer with her/his own approach to the art of bodywork. To get to know us better, please, refer to the page below.
Veronica Bueno (Licensed Massage Therapist, Lomi-Lomi Practitioner):

    "My body-worker journey began in 2009 when I was invited to a Lomi Lomi Seminar with some friends. With some hesitation, I attended the seminar not knowing what to expect.
Since that very weekend, my life has never been the same. My desire to learn more drove me to attend Massage School at the Aloha School of Massage Therapy on the island of Maui. It was there that I found my Lomi Lomi Kumu who took me under her tutelage from 2010-2014 and brought out the healer in me. 
    Kumu also said that "anyone can be a Therapist but, it takes a gifted/caring person to be a healer!"
    I come into every massage with the intention of relieving the pain of a person in my care. It is my greatest desire to share the gift of Lomi Lomi and see the glow on people's face, because they feel refreshed, and the blood is circulating throughout their body without restrictions. My Kumu also taught me that that body NEVER LIES!
    Please allow me to utilize my Mana'o to help you leave feeling better than when you first came in. 
Nataliya Gurevich-Peck (Co-owner, Principal Massage Therapist, Reiki Teacher, Qi-gong Practitioner, Shaman):

   "I have had a calling for healing since I was a little girl. my grandmother was a healer and I grew up watching her prepare and apply treatments with medicinal herbs, suction cups, magic spells and other natural remedies to help us heal. My more intense introduction to power of healing hands happened in 1999 when my first baby was born with severe neck injury, that caused life-threatening complications and medical doctors failed to offer a treatment without scary side effects. My grandma had already passed away by then; following my mother's advice I turned to a healer, who was well known in my town for working with infants in serious conditions. She did all sorts of manipulations on my tiny daughter's spine, rubbed and stretched her limbs and back, bathed her in relaxing herbs and chanted prayers over her while moving in rhythmical motion.     After just 9 sessions my baby-girl was gaining weight and growing like she supposed to, without any medications. Back then it all looked like magic. Now, years later, I know the lady who saved my daughter's life used spinal adjustments, massage therapy, medicinal herbs and energy work. Since then I was on the mission to become a healer.
Over the next few years, I learned different energy work styles: Norbekov System, Reiki, Qi-Gong, Tao meditation, Tarot and Oracle intuitive reading, Shamanic work from many teachers and classes and continue to learn in the present. In 2006 I graduated with Master Massage Therapist certificate from California Healing Arts College. Energy Healing and Bodywork are all I have been doing my entire professional career.
    As a body-worker, I developed my own style: a mixture of massage and energy work custom-trimmed for each session to achieve the best results possible. I listen to my client's energy flow and watch how it correlates with physical symptoms, then follow my clinical experience, education and intuition to unblock the energy and relax the physical body.
    As a healer, my focus is on coaching self-healing techniques, providing with intuitive insights and training Energy work practitioners (especially Usui Reiki, meditation and ancestral connection). I am a meticulous and strict teacher and take my art very seriously, while focusing on discovering and developing my students' unique ways of healing themselves and others and deeply connecting with the spirit-world. If you feel the calling to become a healer and my story sounds appealing, come talk to me.
    I am looking forward to helping you."

Hawaii State License #MAE 3078
Jessica Felton (Lisenced Massage Therapist):

    "As a military child my family moved around quite a bit until we planted roots on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2000. Since I was young I was always involved in sports and was constantly around friends who had achy muscles. So being a person always trying to help those around me, I would offer a massage which they all gladly accepted. This is when my friend would tell me, "You should consider becoming a massage therapist." It lingered in my mind for a long time until I graduated from Honokaa High School in 2006 and went off to College in Nebraska. I joined ROTC and served in the United States Army as a Human Resource Office for 6 years as I put my childhood dream on hold. 

    Upon getting out the Army in May of 2016, I decided it was the perfect moment to pursue this dream. I went to Big Island Academy of Massage in Hilo, HI and moved here to Oahu where I attended Elite Massage Academy where I learned Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and Shiatsu massage. Starting up my own personal business, Jessica Felton Massage LLC, I was given the opportunity to work as an independent contractor for Unique Bodywork LLC in Kapolei, HI which is where I am located now.

    God blessed me with my passion to help others and the gift of massage. I look forward to helping you reach the point of relaxation and rejuvenation".
Amaris Peneku (Licensed Massage Therapist):

     "My name is Amaris Peneku and Iʻm from Nanakuli, Oahu. As a military spouse, I had the pleasure of traveling the world experiencing many different cultures. Now that my husband is retired, we are back home in Hawaiʻi embracing the Aloha spirit. Being raised in a working class household and also working various types of jobs, I understand the stresses that the body goes through. This led me to pursue my passion of helping others relieve physical and mental stress through massage therapy. I attended Elite Massage Academy where I amassed the education, experience, and various massage techniques needed to ace the Hawaiʻi Massage Therapy License Exam. Now as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am blessed to work at Unique Bodyworks LLC. I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey towards revitalizing your mind, body and soul".